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IT Employment, Careers & Recruitment in Australia

Omniat's recruitment consultants are specialists in the information technology industry as we have a very good understanding of the Australian IT jobs and employment market.

We have worked in a range of IT Careers, from hands-on technical services to business analysis before moving into the IT Recruitment / Employment industry. As a result, we have a deep and informed knowledge of the impacts and drivers for success in our clients' technical and business environments. This enables us to find you employees that match your IT culture.

By leveraging of our enterprise level technology systems and our deep knowledge of the IT industry we can ensure that the recruitment process is efficient for both employers and candidates alike. This is something you may not see in your dealings with other employment providers as often they have very little IT experience and poor websites / systems to making there employment process inefficient.

We know Information Technology and speak your language, and we can effectively assess potential candidates on their ability to deliver results for your business. Our expertise is IT careers, and you benefit from this experience in the quality and fit of candidates / employees we present to you.

"Our clients have often been impressed by our level of IT knowledge. After all, shouldn't all IT recruitment consultants have IT experience? "

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